For many years now, as a Celebrant, I have written and officiated for and at, numerous different and diverse occasions plus important milestones in families lives. 

Whether we are celebrating a new Wedding or Renewal of Vows after many years, celebrating the recovery from an illness or even the Celebration of a Life, every family I work with are unique and special. For me it is a privilege to spend time listening and understanding what is being said and how best to include it in the ceremony.


Together we will go on a journey of discovery so that we can say and write the very best and beautiful ceremony. We will find the essence of what is important, whether it be serious or fun and my aim is to make sure we don’t ever look back and say ‘I wish we had put that in’.  


My Commitment to you all is to ensure that my couples and families are given equal opportunity. That everyone is treated with respect and valued. I will not tolerate any forms of unlawful and biased reference or any forms of discrimination. I celebrate diversity, individuality, inclusivity and even quirkiness.


Together we will create a beautiful Ceremony and not miss any golden opportunities.