This is your chance to celebrate taking a new name, the arrival of a child or to welcome a new addition of any age into the family.

Siblings, Grandparents, Guide Parents and friends can join in and be part of this welcome. Family and guests can write their own words that will express their love, aspirations and support, read a poem, story or even sing. Balloons can be released, candles lit and Cultural Traditions honoured. When we write the Ceremony together these are areas we will explore.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all ages to come together and unite in celebrating your personal commitments of love, dreams, guidance and the welfare of your child. This lovely occasion can be held anywhere from your Grandparents garden, to a picnic in the woods, local pub or just at home. Anything and everything is possible!


Cost: From £420


This includes:

Travel Costs
First 40 miles FREE.

Cost of mileage over 40miles @ 45p per mile.