Holding a Renewal of Vows Ceremony is an opportunity to recapture and retell your story. Marriages are about growth, change and development and sometimes it is nice to stop and reflect your journey together. A chance to look at what you have achieved as a couple and a family. A chance to demonstrate the strength of your love and commitment to each other once more in the presence of those you most cherish.

Let’s be open – Real life comes with ups and downs and just as we celebrate successes we must acknowledge there can be sadness, illness and disasters that happen. But it is how you deal with and overcome these challenges that will strengthen your relationship, your family unit and this deserves to be Celebrated. All these reasons are wonderful to share with your children, family and friends. Celebrating is also a part of sharing and teaching others.

This delightful Ceremony can be held anywhere and could be a Hand Fasting or Unity candle with your children, family or friends.  We can use your original words or create new ones, exchange new rings or your original ones and even wear your wedding dress one more time…

Cost : £550


This includes:

Travel Costs

First 40 miles FREE.

For any mileage over 40 miles, 45p per mile will be charged.