Everyones life has its unique journey and there is always a special story to be told. The road can be bumpy but it can also be smooth and how a person navigates through, deserves to be honoured. All these life stories are incredible and never cease to amaze me. There are wonderful discoveries and surprises, so with a Celebrant Led Funeral, Scattering of Ashes or Celebration of Life it is the chance to explore and bring together the story that will reflect that unique journey with love and respect.

We will explore loved music, poems and writings.  All ages of the family can join in by reading, reciting and singing. Some families have gathered together and all the ages have painted the coffin with touching messages of love and thanks. Pictures sent from relatives living abroad and stuck to the sides or a poem written out – anything is possible.

At this difficult and sad time it is my job to help you all think of everything that you would like included in the Ceremony. We will take time to talk it all through and make sure we have added everything whether you feel it is important or maybe not but it will all help retell and honour that precious story.

You are welcome to ring me and discuss all ideas and possibilities, I am here to help you. My aim is to make sure no opportunity has been missed.


Funerals from £250

Celebration of life / memorials from £450

Babies and children up to the age of 16 are free.


This includes:

Travel Costs

First 40 miles FREE.

Cost of mileage over 40miles @45p per mile.