It may have taken you both years or maybe just a moment to decide you are going to get married and set THE DATE!

With a Celebrant led Ceremony you have total freedom to not only hold you Ceremony anywhere and at any time of day but also bring your families together so they can contribute to your celebration and the commitments you will make to each other.  Everyone has their journey and story and they are all unique and valid and by working together we can explore ideas, Cultural Traditions, languages, music and allow family and friends to join in.

For many years I have written and officiated at Ceremonies that have included Chinese Tea Ceremony, Las Arras, Unity Candle, Jewish breaking of the glass, Handfasting, Ring Warming and a Sand Ceremony with the added gift of a camel! I speak Scandinavian, am good with French and have heard with pleasure – many other languages brought into our Ceremonies. 

My couples have taken me from (licenced or un licenced) grand country houses, beaches, blustery hillsides to bluebell woods or even into the couples home by the fire on a winters afternoon. Sometimes aspects of religions are included and we have included the family Rabbis words as he was too far away. We are free to do anything we like and create your unique Ceremony. There are no limits and the aim is to make it THE BEST.

My career started in TV and I now record Radio voice overs. I have trained and worked as a Samaritan and Red Cross representative in a range of settings from phone help to face to face. I have sat on Committees and held positions as chairman – But working as a Celebrant is my favourite.

When 2 people find love – Everyone needs to celebrate…

Cost: From £850



This includes:

I arrive 1 hour before the Ceremony so that any readers can practice with me or I can iron out any hitches that may have occurred. I always find and liaise with the photographer and musicians so that they are ready for the right photos and timings through out the Ceremony.

Travel Costs

First 40 miles FREE.


Cost of mileage over 40 miles @ 45p per mile